We are a running club who runs with American flags and arranges American flags to be flown at historical sites for local heroes. We run for equality and we run for public safety. 


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We are a non-political pro public safety, pro equality and pro national security running club who runs with American flags around the Sparks Marina to show our support and raise an awareness of the U.S. of A's culture in public service and safety.
 There are two different types of runners: straglers who just show up and run with their flags and coin-earners who have earned their challenge coins and are lifelong members. 
There are no membership dues or expectations on our runners but a coin holder does live with a lifelong commitment to be supportive to equality, public safety and our military. 

The Gavin Glynn Foundation in Ireland has inspired us, taught us how to be more community oriented and they save MANY lives with their events and unity in their community.  

(Section #23 Fire Hydrant, Arlington National Cemetery. There's a reason you can find Irish Euro coins on this Fire Hydrant when you visit America's most sacred grounds.)

Credit goes where credit is due. If it wasn't for local statesman/volunteer Charles Gaytan and his wife, Mary, we would not have accomplished anything. Our running club took a nose dive in October of 2017 when new runners who were eager to help me had white nationalist beliefs. Had they of visited this website prior they would have seen that we were/are a diverse running club of which started with three men and one woman from working class families.
I owe Mary and Carlos sincere and heartfelt apologies ending operations without notifying them first and not wording my letter to the RGJ properly due to my sudden and outspoken outrage to white nationalists reaching out to our club. 
The RGJ was only trying to help me when I was trying to send out a message that we want nothing to do with citizens who chant "blood and soil." Equality is the American Dream, public safety is the backbone of that dream. 
They were co-founders when Dan Sauceda and myself had trouble in our 2014 startup.
America is beautiful BECAUSE of our differences in religions, cultures, dreams and beliefs. I did not handle that situation in a mature manner and I wouldn't be where I am at today if it wasn't for them.

It is easier to look for reasons to hate a person than it is to look for reasons to love a person. Remember that the next time someone is standing for something they believe in and you spit in their face or harass them to impress your friends. Every member from our running club comes from hard working class families. We have families and friends who love us and depend on us. It's not right how some people treat us. We tried to keep running with this flag but members from the Nevada Army National Guard asked us to stop and get a new flag.
A simple deed can empower the weak. In the wake of the Nov. 2015 terrorist attacks on the people of Paris, France, Sparks Police Department raised a French flag above their Headquarters in Sparks. This ONE French flag inspired the Reno/Sparks community. We showed the world that #SparksProud is also #ParisStrong.
Our club contacted Congressman Mark Amodei's office in Washington D.C. and they raised the U.S. Capital Flag in honor of Sparks Police Department. Because we already gave them a Century of Thanks Flag to run with for the next 100 years to the Sparks Police Family, this particular flag is in City Hall in Sparks and nicknamed after the amazing secretary, Cyndi Grubbs-Boggan (we've donated so many flags that we have to nickname them to prevent confusion). In May, 2016, Sparks Police Department personally gave their French tricolour to the French Embassy, in Washington, D.C. At this moment, Sparks P.D.'s French flag is now on her way to the people of Paris to stay strong, stay tall and stay proud.
Sparks Police Dept. raised this French flag at half mast above headquarters to show support to the French in hard times. They later presented that same flag to the French Embassy, in Washington, D.C. We just got word this flag is on her way to Paris at this moment. If your department, agency, school or organization here in Nevada is reaching out to inspire and uplift others here at home or far away, please let us know!
The Officer Larry Don Johnson memorial flag was donated by the Flag Runners to Sparks Police Department in December, 2015. We challenged Sparks Police Department to vote a different  inspirational Sparks Police Officer to run around the Sparks Marina with this American flag inside of this plaque every 4th of July at Noon, from 2016, until 2116. We had to do something very special for this department, because their officers kept us safe and gave us advice on how we should do our flag-runs without getting harmed.
The people of Ireland are awaiting for both of these flags in this plaque to return to Ireland and be ran one final time on July 26, 2116, down the Ireland coast. In the final run we also challenge a Sparks Police Officer 100 years from now to give the Irish flag in this plaque to a Garda Peace Officer in Ireland and race him with this Larry Don Johnson American flag. The Irish flag in this plaque was nicknamed the "Lt. Krall Irish flag."
Firefighter/Electrician Russell Newbry ran with this American flag from Greystones to Bray in a storm, in the misty Irish air with the waves crashing against the cliffs. This flag is still covered in Irish mudd and American blood and sweat.
The Irish flag in this plaque was ran by an Irishman and donated to the Flag Runners by Sinn Feinn Community Organizer and Volunteer Fiona Murray, the daughter of Bray Fire Brigade Sub Officer Brian Murray, a national Irish hero who reached out to Americans in the wake of 9/11. Inside of this plaque is information in finding the Murray family 100 years from now. This was our first donated Century of Thanks Plaque! Sparks P.D., don't make any bets with the Irish, they are tricky and they are wild!
In 100 years there will only be 101 Sparks Police Officers to of run with this flag. None of them will beat Dan Sauceda. Ever. Ha! Ha!
To be serious though, Sparks Police Department and Sparks Fire Department, thank you for all you do. As well for ALL Cops and Firemen. The 4th of July flag run (#CenturyOfThanks) is aimed at uniting our community to support law enforcement, firefighters, medics and our military. You all are the backbone of our beautiful land of liberty. Working class and poor families get an annual and unforgetable 4th of July memory here in Sparks from here on out. They bring their flags and they run for free and to help escort the Larry Johnson flag for the next 100 years.
There should never be a fee for our community to bring our flags and run every year. That fee was paid for already by the blood and sacrifices of our firemen, medics, military and police officers like Larry Don Johnson and his family who gave everything for our safety.

"The Unknown Flag" was ran by Flag Runner Alle and donated to a dear friend of hers in a ceremony led by a joint Marine Corps and Sparks Fire Department Honor Guard on July 4th, 2015. The secret Marine who recieved this flag is an American hero and had hardships in his duty in the  global War on Terror. The Unknown Flag is one of our Century of Thanks Flags and the Marine who recieved it will run with this flag in secret with Police Officers, in the mob of flag runners, every Independence Day, from 2016 until 2116. The only people who know his identity are the Flag Runners and Sparks Police Officers and no one will ever reveal it. The unknown flag is to be ran for 100 years by him and his family of which artistically identifies the MANY Veterans who suffer and live among us in society, without us even knowing it. ALWAYS support and show love to your Veterans!  You never know what hell they've been through. This flag and the people who run with it will ALWAYS be a traditional secret! This flag will have a final victory lap from Bray to Greystones (Ireland)  on July 26th, 2116 like the rest of our Century of Thanks American flags. #CenturyOfThanks #SparksProud

ATTN: Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies
All of the flags we donate need to have a nickname to prevent confusion out of the MANY we've given out. A single mother in our community gave us a flag on Christmas, 2015. We sent it to the Tomb of the Unknowns and nicknamed it the "Anthony Miranda flag," honoring longetivity in service. Rob swears up and down it is not because the man is a die-hard L.A. Dodgers fan. Sssssuuure. Anthony, the Sheriff's Association has been challenged to run with this flag next to the "Unknown Flag" honoring the Marine Corps and Sparks P.D.'s "Larry Johnson memorial flag" we took home from Ireland, every Independence Day, from July 4th, 2016 until July the 4th, 2116 (and one final victory lap in Ireland, in a century from now). The struggling single mother who gave us this flag represents the people the Washoe County Sheriff's Department serves and protects.
Local High School student Abby Nyberg has designed and created our Century of Thanks logo. From here on out, every #CenturyOfThanks flag we now donate to inspirational people, agencies, department and organizations to run with for the next century, will have this logo. Thank you Abby! You are amazing!